pest control products

Household Pest Control

Pack Image Title Description Label MSDS Technical Brochure Home Owner AQIS Approval
Biforce 100SC Termiticide & Insecticide Water-based termiticide for pre and post construction management of termites inside and out and for general perimeter application of most crawling insects.
Biforce 200SC Termiticide & Insectricide Professional Strength water-based termiticide for pre and post construction management of termites inside and out.
Chaindrite Extra-Strength Crawling Insect Spray New low odour oil-based Professional aerosol insecticide with a powerful flush and kill effect on Cockroaches.
Chaindrite Metered Insect Spray Low odour natural pyrethrin insecticide for professional pest managers.
To be used in Bobson and Timemist metered spray units.
Chaindrite Perforce 500 Residual Insecticide Professional remedial wood preservative and general insecticide
Chaindrite Permforce DUST Insecticide Insecticide DUST for control of insects in cracks & roof voids where a liquid treatment cannot be used.
Chaindrite Professional Timber Protection Oil-based formulation for termite and wood borers
Chaindrite2 Metered Insect Spray
A professional strength natural pyrethrin insecticide for use in Bobson and Timemist metered spray units
Cyanoforce 15SC Insecticide Water-based insecticide with an excellent flushing action for cockroaches in Public Health areas such as hospitals & restuarants.
Delforce Residual Insecticide
Water-based insecticide for quick knockdown of spiders and general insects at very low doses.
Fipforce Aqua Termiticide
The most cost effective non-repellent termite control product available in Australia manufactured to ISO standards by Sherwood Chemicals, the Formulation Specialists.
Imiforce 200SC Termiticide Very effective non-repellent termite control product with systemic activity
Shieldrite Extra Strength
Effective protection against crawling insects
TermatriX Termite Bait To be used as part of termite monitoring and termite elimination system.
TermatriX Termite Foam Aerosol
Unique non-repellent aerosol foam incorporating unique properties to allow the dispersion of micro fine non-repellent particles deep into cracks and crevices where insects forage.
Ultraforce Aqua Termiticide & Insecticide
The most effective non-repellent termite liquid product available in Australia with a registered product label to provide at least 8 years protection of structures against termites.
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Ultraforce Cockroach Bait
Ultraforce Cockroach Bait has been formulated with a unique food matrix and the Acitve Ingredient 0.5g/kg Fipronil. Ultraforce Cockroach Bait can be used control cockroach infestation including German and other common cockroaches in commercial, domestic and public service buildings.  
Ultraforce Cockroach Powder
A fine free flowing dustable powder incorporating a non-repellent active ingredient. For the control of cockroaches in domestic, commercial and public service buildings
Ultraforce DUST Termiticide
Unique non-repellent dust for the eradication of termites incorporating unique properties to allow the transfer of micro non-repellent particles between termites. No.1 flowing dust on the market. For accreditation please visit
Vectorforce ULV & Thermal Fogging Insecticide Public health vector control product for mosquito and other public health insects

Turf, Ornamental & Agriculture

Pack Image Title Description Label MSDS Technical Brochure Home Owner AQIS Approval
Assurant 200 Insecticide
For the control of various insect pests in bananas, sugarcane, cotton, wine grapevines and potatoes.
Biforce Sand Granules
Bifenthrin Granular based insecticide for use on Turf and gardens to control ants.
Chaindrite Bouncer Turf & Ornamental Insecticide A powerful water-based Turf and Horticultural insecticide that will not burn sensitive grass or crops. Very effective on grubs and beetles.
Googly Alpha-duo 250SC Insecticide Water-based formulation insecticide with broad label use in Agriculture and Horticulture
Imiforce Utility Insecticide A systemic insecticide for Turf and Ornamental use. Very effective on sucking insects such as aphids.
Sherwood Turf Care Selective Herbicide For the control of certain broadleaf in turf
Zooter 600 Seed Treatment Insecticide Water-based seed treatment product
Zooter Soil Guard Insecticide Water-based formulation for control of sucking insects in agriculture

Cleaning Products

Pack Image Title Description Label MSDS Technical Brochure Home Owner AQIS Approval
Teepol Algel
For cleaning and sanitary of hands. Kills 99% of bacteria effectively from hands as well as grease and dirt
Teepol Industrial Liquid Cleaner
Broad based industrial cleaning liquid for sensitive areas